Seventh Day: Conserving Energy in Our Houses of Worship & Homes

Why Seventh Day?

We undertake this work because we recognize that:

The world is God's gift of love to us. We must return that love by protecting the world and all that is in it. We are stewards over God’s creation and its bounty.

In a world of finite resources, for all to have enough requires that we who have more than enough address our patterns of consumption. To do so is to love our neighbors as ourselves.

We are responsible to all future generations to so use and conserve the limited energy resources of the earth, that future habitation will not be impossible or greatly impoverished.

For all these reasons, we are obligated to conserve and not to waste. Restraint, prudence and self-control help us maintain our connections to ourselves, land, life and God.

Simply affirming this God-given responsibility will likely produce no tangible or effective results. Therefore, we commit to specific reductions in our levels of consumption.

People have long adapted their life habits and systems to the energy that is available to them. The challenge for us is to make changes voluntarily, for the sake of the poor, for the sake of future generations, and for the sake of creation and the Creator.*

* All the language above derives from these faith statements on creation care and energy conservation.

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