Seventh Day: Conserving Energy in Our Houses of Worship & Homes

Task of the Month Household Energy Conservation Toolkit for Congregations

Information on how to reduce our energy use abounds – and, for many, is overwhelming. What to do first? The If not now, when? Task of the Month Toolkit helps congregants take the most important steps. Each month, your congregation focuses on one simple high-impact action and helps your members get it done. By the end of the year, members’ utility bills will have dropped and they will know they are helping to care for God's creation.

The If not now, when? toolkit breaks household energy conservation into twelve bite-size pieces and provides comprehensive support for each. It includes the following, which can be downloaded from the links below:

  • an important introduction on how to run the program successfully,
  • a poster and information sheet for each month's task,
  • a brochure that briefly explains and illustrates the program,
  • sign up sheets to ask for or offer help with the monthly task, and
  • tips for the program organizers.

If not now, when? Task of the MonthToolkit



Monthly Materials:

Help Sign-up sheet (to request or offer help with the monthly task)

January:  posterinfo sheet

February: posterinfo sheet

March: posterinfo sheet

April: posterinfo sheet, organizer tips

May: posterinfo sheet, organizer tips

June: posterinfo sheet, organizer tips

July: posterinfo sheetorganizer tips

August: poster, info sheet

September: poster, info sheet, organizer tips

October: poster, info sheet

November: posterinfo sheet

December: posterinfo sheetorganizer tips


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