Seventh Day: Conserving Energy in Our Houses of Worship & Homes

Seventh Day Tools and Resources

This page contains everything clergy and lay leaders need to mobilize their congregations, conserve energy in their houses of worship, and engage members to conserve at home. Tools indicated with an * can be downloaded in the Seventh Day Using Energy Prudently Toolkit  or individually.

I.   Form a Team and Get Your Congregation on Board

The Seventh Day Initiative Brief & FAQs: Explanation, resource list, and answers to questions*

Low Carbon Diet, this simple, playful self-led household energy program helps forge a team

Engaging Your Congregation, brief ideas for clergy and lay leaders*

Faith Statements, calls to care for creation from 24 faith traditions, excerpts with links

II.   Save Energy in Your Congregation

Commit. Seventh Day Congregation Covenant* and Harnessing the Power of Solar Panels 

Support. What you need to cut energy use by 25% to 40%:

Using Thermostat Set Points to Greatly Reduce Energy Use: A Toolkit*

Quick Guides to Sealing* and Insulating Your Building’s Envelope*

Quick Guide to Saving Energy and Money with Your HVAC Systems* and Boiler System*

Energy Saver Checklist for Congregations* and Reducing Your Congregation’s Electricity Usage*

Costs of Different Types of Lighting* and Recouping the Cost of LEDs in Two Years*

Measure. Worksheet to Establish Baseline and EPA Portfolio Manager to track energy savings

III.   Save Energy at Home

Commit. Creation Care Household Energy Conservation Pledge*


- For busy self-starters, Household Checklist* shows cost and savings of high-impact measures

- For small or large groups, Low Carbon Diet Workbook, described above

- For entire community, If not now, when? Task of the Month Toolkitbrochure*, posters, info sheets, & more.

Measure. Seventh Day Household Energy Conservation Survey, simple quick online tool. This is for congregations that are already registered. If you are not with a registered congregation and wish to see how the survey works , please scroll down and select "other" under location and "other congregation" for name of the congregation.

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