Seventh Day: Conserving Energy in Our Houses of Worship & Homes

Our Vision: Ever-Widening the Stewardship Circle

Seventh Day engages faith communities across Indiana to inspire a shift in how Hoosiers use God’s gift of natural resources. Hoosiers of faith feel a sense of ownership over their houses of worship and look to their faith communities for moral leadership. So, when congregations from every faith tradition and corner of our state take the same bold action, their potential to influence the greater community is tremendous. 

Conservation is contagious. When Hoosiers hear how congregations are deeply reducing their energy use, they follow suit. From South Bend to Evansville, workshops have lifted up the stories of the Seventh Day congregations and provided tools to equip others to do the same.  These workshops have given birth to local interdenominational groups whose goal is to help each other cut their congregations' energy use.

To achieve statewide uptake, Seventh Day works with denominational bodies to support their congregations to save energy. Seventh Day provides workshops, tools, and websites, and facilitates peer and technical support. The congregations benefit themselves – building community, supporting their members, and re-directing funds towards mission - while caring for God’s good creation.

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