Seventh Day: Conserving Energy in Our Houses of Worship & Homes

Our History

The vision for Seventh Day was born of a small group discussion at the March 2011 launch of Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light. In December 2012, a solar grant from the Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED) gave the vision wings. As one element of the grant, each of six congregations committed to the Seventh Day goals to:

  • reduce energy use in its house of worship by 25% or more and
  • engage at least a third of its member households to take measures that would reduce the energy use of a typical Hoosier household by at least a seventh. 

These six pioneers showed that the Seventh Day goals could be met - and quickly. Within twenty-four months, they together had exceeded both the goals: on average, they had reduced their energy use relative to their base years by an average of 33%. Since then, twenty more congregations from across the state committed to the Seventh Day goals - representing eighteen different faith traditions. 

To help these and other congregations deeply reduce their energy use, the Seventh Day team developed a simple effective toolkit and workshop. Held in eleven cities, the first sixteen workshops led to ongoing energy conservation groups and requests for workshops across the state from the Center for Congregations. Since its inception, Seventh Day has been supported by over $.5 million from American Electric Power settlement funds, successive grants from OED and private donations.

Seventh Day's mission was to "enlist and assist Hoosier congregations, as stewards of creation, to achieve the Seventh Day goals in order to inspire a shift in how Hoosiers of faith use God's gift of natural resources". Its goal was to use the example of over twenty Seventh Day congregations from eighteen faith traditions to inspire whole denominations in Indiana to adopt these goals. 

The Seventh Day Initiative has been folded into Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light's Using Energy Prudently program

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