Seventh Day: Conserving Energy in Our Houses of Worship & Homes

Background Documents for "Engaging Your Congregation" Keynote at JCAN Conference


For participants in the JCAN conference, I'll update this as soon as I'm able with the notes from the keynote address and more. For now, here are few items that may be of interest: 

- the sample household pledge

- the Synagogue Task of the Month brochure

- the link to the demo household energy conservation survey. The survey takes just a few minutes to fill out and generates a percentage rating for you. If you might be interested in using this for your congregation, we can discuss and, if it makes sense, get your congregation registered to use the actual survey (which can tally cumulative results for your congregation).

- here are the contents of the "If not now, when? Task of the Month toolkit for Congregations". This is a generic toolkit. We will be updating this and making it into a specifically Jewish toolkit in the near future. If you're interested in this, please let me know. 

- a single page with links to Jewish Climate Action Resources

- the link to the Interfaith Community of Environmentalist Youth (ICEY) solar neighborhood brochure

- the link to the ICEY Facebook page

- a two-page case about my congregation's work through about 2014'

Please use them freely. I'd love to hear about your efforts and am happy to chat by phone or email.  

Wishing you the very best in your endeavors!

Kol tuv,